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Whether you are a company of one looking to develop a personal brand or an established brand looking to scale its marketing efforts, Brand Manifest has the solutions for you. From brand development to market research and content marketing to strategic event planning, our team is equipped to deliver on your marketing and advertising needs. We offer a variety of packages to serve businesses of all sizes, as well as customized solutions to best meet your marketing and branding needs.

Define Your Image: Brand Development

Created for brands looking to create a clean, consistent, and cohesive presence across their channels. Brand Manifest can help you develop a brand from scratch or refresh an existing brand to better fit the current market and your business goals.


The Set-Up: Marketing Strategy

Brand Manifest is here to make the launch of your marketing efforts seamless, whether for a new line of business or a new product. Our team will help you carve out your space in the market, capture your audience’s attention, and give you data-driven tools to help you succeed.

Know Your Audience: Market Research

Understanding the way your customer thinks is critical to the success of any brand. Brand Manifest will do the heavy lifting to identify your audience, how to connect with your customers, and set your brand apart from competitors.


Amplify: Advertising Materials

Ideal for brands that need assistance in creating advertising and marketing collateral to help amplify their presence in both the digital and traditional spaces. Brand Manifest will assist with creating assets that showcase your products/services, create positive customer experiences, and support your sales initiatives.


For Creatives: Cultivate A Community & Boost Sales

No matter your niche, Brand Manifest will help you find and foster a dedicated fanbase, promote your art, and, ultimately, boost your sales. Whether you’re looking to improve your online presence, promote new work, distribute your art across the appropriate channels, or something else, we can help! 

Let’s Get Social: Channel Management 

When you’re running a business, social media can seem like just another task. Brand Manifest will manage your social media channels, develop a posting schedule, create a hashtag strategy, and build out regular content to optimize your social media presence, grow your audience and improve your engagement.


Sometimes we all just need a little boost, especially when trying to establish a presence online. The Brand Manifest team will optimize your existing presence and develop a strategy to take your online reach to the next level.


Hyper Local: Location-Based Marketing

Looking to run a location-specific campaign or tap into geo-targeting? Our team will develop a hyper-targeted campaign that converts. Available through Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram ads. 


We know that marketing solutions are not one size fits all. We offer a variety of à la carte services that can be leveraged separately or used in combination to create a package customized to your goals and needs. 



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