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Enhancing Guest Experience through an In-Room Amenities Commercial: A Case Study of Marriott's Unified Property

  • Client Marriott
  • Date April 2022
  • Author BMI Team

Challenge: The three Marriott brand hotels operating as one property faced difficulties in promoting their shared amenities effectively. Guests often had questions about available facilities and dining options, leading to a less efficient guest services experience.

Solution: To address these issues and improve the overall guest experience, I created an in-room amenities commercial. This commercial aimed to highlight the shared amenities across the three Marriott brand hotels, promote the food and beverage (F&B) options available on the property, and provide answers to frequently asked guest questions. The process involved:

Concept Development & Scriptwriting: Collaborating with the hotel management team to identify key amenities and services that should be featured in the commercial. This included dining options, recreational facilities, and unique hotel features. A script was developed to ensure a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Visual Storyboarding & Production: Creating a visual storyboard to map out the commercial's scenes and flow. This involved working with a video production team to capture high-quality footage of the shared amenities, dining areas, and other relevant hotel spaces.

Brand Consistency & Design: Ensuring that the commercial aligned with Marriott's brand standards. This included using consistent branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts, as well as incorporating the unique aspects of each hotel to maintain a unified yet distinctive presentation.

Integration & Distribution: Implementing the commercial across all in-room TV systems and other digital platforms within the property. This ensured that guests had easy access to the information upon arrival and throughout their stay.

Results: The in-room amenities commercial successfully enhanced the guest experience by providing clear and engaging information about the shared amenities and F&B options. This led to a significant improvement in guest satisfaction and a reduction in common inquiries to guest services, allowing the staff to focus on more complex guest needs. Additionally, the promotion of the F&B options increased restaurant patronage across the property.

Impact: The creation and implementation of the in-room amenities commercial not only improved the overall guest experience but also streamlined guest services operations. The commercial became an effective tool in promoting the property's offerings, ensuring guests were well-informed and able to take full advantage of the amenities during their stay.

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