Learn How to Write an Ad Copy and Double your ROI!

May 05, 2021

By admin

7 foolproof tips to write an ad copy to optimize your profitability.

If you’re staring at a blank document, contemplating what to write, the following tips will definitely help you write one compelling ad copy, even with one hand tied behind your back!

According to an analysis by Unbounce, 98% of the ads are a waste of money!

It doesn’t matter how fancy or illustrative your advertisement is; if it doesn’t attract customers, it’s good for nothing. And we totally understand this! That’s why we have put together a list of powerful tips that can lead to massive improvements in your profitability. 

Or, if I put it simply, here are some tips for writing an ad copy that sells!

So let’s get straight to it!

Tips For Writing an Ad Copy to Double your ROI

1. Know your audience

2. Include solutions, not keywords, in the headline

3. Mention the benefits

4. Include emotional triggers

5. Include numbers in the headline

6. Keep it short

7. Include a powerful CTA


1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience by carrying out proper market research is the key to writing a successful ad copy. For this, you will have to define your target audience and find out who they are and what they exactly want. 

If you have the basic information about the different types of people coming across your ad, you will be able to write an ad copy that connects with them the best.

But how can you know your audience? 

There are several ways! 

You can gather information about their needs and wants through interviews and surveys and create a buyer persona based on your findings. This will help you understand the consumers’ motivation behind purchasing a product, what makes them tick, and what kind of messages will appeal to them. 

All these critical insights will help you devise an ad copy that lines up with their needs and addresses their pain points. 

For example, a student on a budget who wants to learn programming in a short period will definitely be drawn towards this ad by Harvard University:

Know your audience - search result for free online courses

2. Include Solutions, Not Keywords in the Headline!

It’s a rat race out there about who can end up on SERP using the same keyword. Yes, it might help you rank, but it won’t help you get customers! 

Customers look for solutions to their problems, not at the number of keywords used in an ad copy. So the second tip on how to write an ad copy is to think from the customer’s point of view and write something that promises to solve their problem.

If we look at the ad below by Sani Aesthetics, it promises to make people lose fat without moving a muscle! Given the number of people who want to shed weight without breaking a sweat, this ad sure is appealing! 

Include Solutions, Not Keywords in the Headline!

3. Mention the Benefits

How many times have you bought a product based on the ingredients used? The truth is, half the time, we don’t even know how to pronounce a certain ingredient, let alone know about its benefits!

If you’re selling a product, the majority of the people have no interest in the ingredients or technology used in the manufacturing of the product. All they want to know is how it works and what it will do for them. So instead of mentioning the features, simply list down the benefits and see how quickly you get responses!

The following Massage Gun ad gives a rundown of how it will benefit the user. Anyone suffering from deep tissue pain would probably go for this product.


4. Include Emotional Triggers

For a person trying to lose weight, an ad promising 10 kgs off in a month is way better than offering diet plans to lose 5 kgs in the same number of days.

That’s an emotional trigger! Something that provokes an individual to take action. An ad copy that hits home can be highly compelling, and for this, you need proper research about your target audience and what appeals to them.

This ad by a divorce company emotionally triggers any woman who has been in this situation, reaching out to them on an emotional level and compelling them to take action.

Include Emotional Triggers search result.

5. Include Numbers in Your Headline

We often find ourselves inclined towards cheap offers or something that gives us more than we are actually paying. 

That’s what including numbers or stats in your headlines does for you! Customers will overlook an ad copy where the price or discount is not mentioned in comparison to an advertisement that simply gets to the point! 

Honestly, everyone’s main concern is the price they’re paying or how many people used a certain product and got results, or even how many items were sold in 24 hours.

Take a look at this ad by IONOS. It is offering cheap domains starting from just $0.80/year. Compare that to other web hosting services, and you’ll realize it’s a real bargain!

Include Numbers in Your Headline - Ad Search result

6. Keep it Short

I’ll be pretty frank with you here. Nobody reads the details!

Internet users usually scan write-ups in an F-shaped pattern. This means they read the first line, then skip to another shorter line below, while glancing at the first few words of each line.

Therefore, a long ad copy with paragraphs upon paragraphs of details will bore the readers in less than a minute. A short, simple, and to-the-point ad is what seems interesting and compelling. Only include the details that the customers want to know. 

For example, the ad below tells us the price of the earphones and whether they are wireless and waterproof or not. That’s exactly what we look for when buying a pair! It’s the perfect example of keeping it short and precise.

Short Paid Ad titles, search results.

7. A Powerful CTA

What would you choose? “Buy Now” or “Click to Avail this Amazing Offer”? Most probably the latter because it’s more compelling and powerful.

Apart from the headline and body, a killer CTA is what does the trick. Come up with a call-to-action that stands out of the crowd and makes the customer really want to click on it. Using standard or commonly used CTAs isn’t as effective as something that gives the audience a reason to take action. So, get creative and use words that provoke enthusiasm and interest.

Check out the CTA in the following ad copy, “Enroll Today! Highest Rated Course!” It definitely gets your adrenaline rushing to sign up ASAP!

Powerful Call to action in title of the Ad- Search result.

Writing a compelling ad copy might seem like a tedious task, but believe me, a little research, a dash of creativity, and the ability to play with words is all it takes to get people to click on your ad and take the desired action!

Talking about creativity, check out our blog for creative ways to promote your business!


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