7 Great Ideas for Marketing Messages

July 18, 2021

By admin

Let’s convert users into customers with perfect marketing messages.

Did you know that the success or failure of your marketing campaign heavily relies on your marketing message? 

Most brands implement different marketing strategies, but they’re not always successful in delivering the right message. 

If you want to deliver exactly what you want the audience to hear, you need to get a bit creative with your marketing message. 

Read on to learn how!

Ideas for Marketing Messages

We have put together 7 great ideas for marketing messages that will help you effectively deliver the desired message to your audience and boost your campaign.

1. Use Emotions

Using emotions in your messages is one of the most persuasive forms of marketing.

Did you know that 31% of the ads that used emotional marketing had more sales as compared to regular ads?

Drawing out emotions of happiness, guilt, or anger in the audience creates a trigger to make them take action.

For example, in the 2016 Olympics, Gatorade highlighted Usain Bolt’s life story and his mother’s role in becoming the fastest sprinter in the world through an animated short film called “The Boy Who Learned to Fly.”

Watching this ad, viewers can relate to the struggles faced by him before getting famous, thus connecting with Bolt, his mother, and Gatorade emotionally.

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2. Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition

Communicating your unique selling propositions by highlighting the factors that differentiate you from the competition is a key marketing strategy for a higher conversion rate.

Like Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha said, “Your selling point is that unique quality like integrity, teachability, honesty, humility, skill, sagacity, love, self-confidence, vision, compassion and kindness which distinguishes you among your contemporaries.”

Death Wish Coffee Company used this strategy by claiming to serve the world’s strongest coffee, while most coffee sellers focus on smooth, creamy, and rich cups of coffee. 

Image source: https://www.deathwishcoffee.com/

To back their claim, they have even mentioned why their coffee is the strongest and offered a refund to anyone who thought they’d had a stronger cup!

3. Be Specific

When it comes to marketing messages, being specific is an important factor. If you really mean what you’re saying, you don’t need to use weasel words to get your message through. It should immediately conclude what the audience needs to hear. Period.

Like this landing page of VoilaNorbert, an email finder, explicitly states what it offers without stalling. 

Image source: https://www.voilanorbert.com/

Any email marketer who lands on this page will know exactly that they’re going to get email addresses and 50 free leads with this clear and concise sentence.

4. Use Positioning

If you want the audience to look at your brand in a way that gives you an edge over the competitors, you need to use market positioning. It involves boasting features that make you unique. The trick to make it work is to keep it brief, make it memorable, include your core values, what you deliver, and how it is better than the others. 

Here we will take the example of the skincare brand Beauty Counter

They used the positioning strategy to point out that the ingredients used in their products are suitable for everyone and that beauty should be safe. In addition, their positioning statement includes the motto, “Beauty should be good for you!” which clearly states that their products have no side effects, and that’s what makes them different from the rest.

5. Go for Preemptive Ads

Preemptive messages are a marketing strategy in which you make a certain claim about your product or service that helps you gain an advantage over your rival brands.

Just like Listerine claims that their breath strips can be used to cover up a crime scene, implying that they are strong enough to kill bad breath of any level. 

Image source: www.amazon.com

6. Add an Element of Humor

Adding a dash of humor to your marketing messages is one of the best ways to make the audience fall in love with your brand. Ads with a humorous element are more likely to go viral and remain in people’s imaginations as compared to regular ads.

Following a high number of accidents related to railway networks in 2012, Metro Trains Melbourne released a funny animated video, “Dumb Ways to Die,” as part of their safety campaign. 

It got 5.2 million views in just 5 days and went on to become the most memorable campaign ever. By adding humor in the short video, not only did Metro Trains engage the audience on a high level, but they also gave out a safety message to the passengers using the service.

7. Be Customer-Centric

If you put the customer before everything, your marketing message will definitely have the desired impact. The key is to deliver a customer-centric message to help create a human connection with your brand.

The best example of a customer-centric marketing message is by Spotify. It called out specific people or groups of people who listened to particular songs during the year. 

With messages like these, Spotify showed its customers that their presence is being acknowledged.

The message you want to convey to your audience should always stand out from the crowd and be different. Every brand launches marketing campaigns, but the audience only remembers the handful that hit home or had something unique or memorable about them.

So get creative with your marketing messages and make an impact in your target market!


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